Bucky Ital

Bucky Ital

Sing for the poor

Born in Westmoreland, Jamaica on November 14, Uhan Pearson, known to his fans by his stage name, " Bucky Ital', began his Reggae & Cultural music career in 2007. 

His humble presence, coupled with his demonstrated love for people and performing, quickly captivated those, who watched him perform at talent shows at the tender age of seven (7) years old. He recalls watching the street performers in his community perform, when he would walk to the store and remembers watching the adults in his family dance and DJ, as they demonstrated their love for music.

It was that early exposure to music and the cultural awareness shared by his parents, that convinced him to pursue a career in music.  Eager to showcase his talent, he began creating his own lyrics and writing his own songs. He wrote his first song in the sixth grade and remembered those street performers, who inspired him.

At the age of seven, Bucky remembers going to Dancehall and Talent Shows with his father, Ike Pearson, who would put him on stage to perform and remembers all of the applauses, compliments and well wishers as his Dad basked with pride.It was at that moment, that the person who we now know as "Bucky Ital", began to embrace and appreciate his love for music and humanity.  Music quickly became his solace and writing and performing, were a part of his normal routine.

He used his music, to escape the violence and negative influences he witnessed while living in Kingston, Jamaica. His lyrical content and unique musical style, quickly earned him respect in his neighborhood. After migrating to the United States, he began to explore different genres of music  and gained more exposure to a more diverse musical collection.

His Jamaican roots and appreciation for Dancehall, R&B, Roots Rock Reggae and Country genres, enabled him to view the international music forum, as a place where he belonged. With that in mind, Bucky continued writing songs and has never stopped.  Daring to find different styles of music to deliver his message of love, peace and unity, Bucky continues to expand the perimeters of music, while tapping into a newly created style of Reggae and Cultural Music.

His Artistic Development and Creativity is unique and appeals to a global audience. His captivating stage presence and his continued effort to create world awareness and world peace through music, mezmerizes those who have seen him perfom. Bucky Ital, is a Humanitarian and Godly person who firmly believes that,  "Love Conquers Hate and The Children of Today are The Future of Tomorrow." 

Bucky Ital is currently being represented by Soltasani Consulting & Management, Inc.