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Dj Shadow

Where's the Beat

Tyson Salmon, aka DJ Shadow was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. DJ Shadow always had a passion for music.  Growing up listening to Artist like Bob Marley, Freddy McGregor, Errol Dunkley, Peter Tosh, and Michal Jackson.

For many years DJ Shadow steady the art of music, and attending different sessions and watching how different Selector’s perform as they played on their set, he admired Selectors such as Sky Juice from Metro Media, Baby Face from Addies International, plus others.  DJ Shadow soon developed his own style of selecting and getting the crown to react to his style of playing.  
At the age of 13, he took up DJing professionally.  Then in 1994 at the age of 19 yrs old he started playing on a sound system called Super T Disco. He then migrated to NJ at the age of 21 in 1996 after adjusting to the American life form and how the entertainment scene was, he quickly learn the top sound system in the area, and then starting playing on a Sound System called Climax in 1997 at the age of 22 yrs. 

After playing for Climax for about a year, he then moved over to another sound system called Little Rock International in Patterson New Jersey at the age of 23 years old. He juggled on this Sound System until he went back to Jamaica, his natural birth roots. 

DJ Shadow quickly learned while he was in the States, that there’s no place like home for the realism of music and the way he wanted to play and venture off too.  DJ Shadow then came back to his birth place Jamaica to play and select his style of playing.

After coming back to Jamaica, DJ Shadow learned it wasn’t going to be so easy getting on a sound system to play.  He weighed his option and observed the different sound systems in his area before making the choice of playing on one of the biggest sound system in Kingston Jamaica, Sound Waves International in 2010.  He then quickly became one of the top selector’s on the Sound System.

Playing at different events such as the Follow your Sound for the World Belt for Sound System clashes, at Sugarman’s Beach next door to Helshire.  He also played for the Guinness Clashes of Greatness between sound systems. 

This is where he meet the owner of “Where’s The Beat?” Entertainment and Media president in 2013.  Where’s The Beat Ent. & Media, is a company that was founded back in 2006. Where’s The Beat Ent. & Media is a company that do tours with Artistes in the United States and Caribbean countries. 

Wheres’s the Beat also have a wide range of advertisement through Billboards and different Airports in the Caribbean and US Countries and States. The President of WTB admired DJ Shadow style of playing and they both had a conversation of him becoming the official selector for “Where’s The Beat?” Ent. & Media. 

Soon after in 2016 DJ Shadow became the Official Selector for “Where’s The Beat?” Entertainment & Media.  DJ Shadow has already made his marks by attending events such as Portmore Festivals; where he interact with famous artistes such as, Chuck Fenda, Anthony Cruz, Admiral Tibet, Tinga Stewart, Bounty Killa, Mr. Lexus, Tauris Riley and much more.  He also developed a personal bond with Black Diamond’s co-founders.

With the help of DJ Shadow, WTB will be doing it’s 3rd annual world tour, which DJ Shadow will be doing his first tour as a selector in 2017 with “WTB”. The Magical Music Tour, 3 The Hardway, is featuring: Chuck Fenda, Anthony Cruz, and Admiral Tibet in the Caribbean Islands and the US. 

DJ Shadow will also be the head Selector for the Tour “Badman Dance Rude Boy Scank” featuring; Jr. Cat, Jr. Demus, Terry ganzie, and Merciless.  Both tours are “WTB” original tours and with the help of DJ Shadow coming up with the unique names for the tour, we will be seeing much much more.